A brand new judgement free gym

Econofitness is Quebec's largest self-service fitness club chain and offers affordable gyms for everyBODY.

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A budget-wise gym with everything necessary to work out! Patrice
We love the energy that exudes from our Éconofitness gym. Véronique Pilon And Marc-André Patenaude
It’s always clean, and the staff is always warm and welcoming. Jose Botelho
I work out 5 times a week and I can see the results! Sylvie Deshaies

Éconofitness, it looks promising!

  • Very low price
  • Access to the 30-minutes express circuit
  • Virtual Group Fitness Classes
  • Virtual Velocycle Classes
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • Judgment free concept

Do like our 150,000 members!

Éconofitness is a growing network of close to 50 locations in Québec! Learn about the Platinum & Platinum Plus memberships to gain access the largest self-service fitness network in Québec.  

I want to join!

Great, but how does it work?

Step 1: Complete the online subscription form and check your email inbox for your copy of your contract. 

Step 2: Go to the gym location you subscribed to, to activate your membership and get your key card.

Step 3: Put your name down on the list for the next free orientation session, included in every membership.

Step 4: Start working out!

Save money, stay free!

All Éconofitness locations offer top of the line equipment and facilities. For a very low price, you have access to over 50 cardiovascular machines, a wide choice of strength training machines and free weights (5-75 lb).

Éconofitness: Super Nice Gym at the Lowest Price!  


No time to waste!
30-minute express circuit

How the 30-minute express circuit works
  • No hidden membership fees
  • Access 30-minutes express circuit
  • Virtual group fitness anytime
  • Advanced equipment
  • Judgement free gym
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